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TotalEnergies is a Belgian electricity and gas supplier who specializes in renewable energy. This article will cover who TotalEnergies is, what their electric and gas offers are, how their customer service and My TotalEnergies customer area work, and finally, what are the procedures for a move with TotalEnergies.

Who is TotalEnergies?

TotalEnergies is a Belgian energy supplier founded in 2003. The company specializes in renewable energy. In partnership with local and Belgian producers, TotalEnergies provides green electricity and natural gas, which is the least polluting fossil fuel. Since 2012, the supplier has been present on the French market.

In addition to being a supplier of electricity and natural gas, TotalEnergies has boiler maintenance, solar panel installation, and roof insulation services. They also draw up offers for owners of electric cars.

Since 2016, TotalEnergies has been acquired by the Total group, which has become the company’s main shareholder. Since this takeover, Total Gas and Power has been in charge of the supply for commercial customers for TotalEnergies.

Today, TotalEnergies has a 15% market share in the Walloon territory.

TotalEnergies Contact: Phone, Email, and Mailing Address

contact lampiris

To contact TotalEnergies, Several channels are available to you, for example, phone, online contact form, or even the (reception desk). We will cover all the details of how to contact TotalEnergies below.

TotalEnergies by Phone

In the table below, we have placed all of TotalEnergies’ phone numbers as well as their opening hours.

TotalEnergies' Phone Numbers
Service Phone Number Hours Available
Client Service (English speaking agents available) 04 340 64 64 Monday to Friday 8 am to 7 pm
Home Move 0800 11 115 Monday to Friday 8 am to 7 pm

TotalEnergies’ Online Chat and Contact Form

If you prefer online methods, and are comfortable with French or Dutch, it is possible to use the two following methods.

TotalEnergies has a contact form where you can ask them all your questions or file a complaint.

TotalEnergies also has a chat tool on its website. To start a conversation, simply enter your family name, first name, and email address. Similar to the phone lines, live chat is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm.

As mentioned, the online chat is not available in English, so if you prefer online methods, it is better to send an email.

TotalEnergies Email Address

To contact TotalEnergies online in English, it is best to use the following email address. If you send your request in English, they will reply back in English. They promise a turnaround time of 48h for email queries.

English language contact channels If you prefer English language support, your best methods of communication are by phone on their regular customer service number 04 340 64 64.

In case you need to send a letter to TotalEnergies, you can send it to their head office which is located at the following address:

TotalEnergies SA
Rue Saint-Laurent, 54
4000 Liège

Closure of TotalEnergies stores in Liege and Sint-Truiden TotalEnergies’ physical stores located in Liege and Sint-Truiden are now closed. To contact TotalEnergies, please send them an email or postal mail. Alternatively, you can call their customer service number directly.

The Online Customer Space

As a TotalEnergies customer, you also have access an online platform listing all your information. Thanks to this online customer area, you have the autonomy to perform certain tasks yourself, without having to call customer service.

Thanks to this, you will be able to:

  • Access all of your invoices
  • Adjust your monthly billing
  • Activate your direct debit
  • Resell your green energy certificates if you have solar panels
  • Chat with an online advisor
  • Modify your personal information

If you are a TotalEnergies customer but do not have an account, you can create your own account by visiting their website. Once there, click on the orange button at the top labeled in french “mon espace client” (my customer area) , and then on “créer un compte” (create an account) link. To validate your account, you will need to enter the reference number mentioned on one of your invoices.

TotalEnergies: Tariffs and Prices

lampiris tariffs

While TotalEnergies has a significant market share in Belgium, the green supplier has decided to market a few tariffs in order to provide tariffs that reflect their customers' needs. All of their tariffs provide green energy and natural gas, with the exception of the Solar tariff which is only for electricity.

They have 4 tariffs in total. You will find the description of the tariffs below.

Tariff Switch

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TotalEnergies Tip

Lampiris Tip was designed for small households such as new couples or students. It offers a variable price per kWh for 1 year which is reviewed quarterly. Like all other TotalEnergies offers, it is non-binding, so you can cancel at any time.

TotalEnergies Top

TotalEnergies Top, on the contrary, is suitable for large households who use a lot of electric appliances, such as larger families. The price is fixed for the duration of the contract, which can be 1, 2, or 3 years in length. This way, you can be sure not to be affected by increases in market prices of energy. However, the annual subscription fee for this tariff is higher than that of the Tip tariff.

TotalEnergies Online

If you have a preference for doing everything online, then TotalEnergies Online is made for you as it is an online only tariff. In addition to managing your account online, you will have to pay your bills by direct debit. Your customer service is also online only. The tariff prices are variable, and the length of the contract is for one year if you live in Wallonia or Flanders, and for 3 years if you live in Brussels.

TotalEnergies Solar

TotalEnergies Solar is for homes with solar panels, and only provides electricity. With this tariff, you will benefit from a fixed price per kWh, and the length of the contract is for one year if you live in Wallonia or Flanders, and for 3 years if you live in Brussels.

Regardless of your provider and tariff, if you live in Brussels, your contract will always be for 3 years. All gas and electricity contracts in Belgium are non-binding, so if you feel a 3 year contract is too long, don't worry, there is no commitment on your part.

lampiris home move

How do I Move Homes with TotalEnergies?

As a TotalEnergies customer, you can inform TotalEnergies of your move by phone with an advisor, or submit the request yourself via My TotalEnergies. Additionally, by following these methods, TotalEnergies offers you a 10% discount on your green electricity if you are subscribed to the Tip or Top offers.

This discount is active for one year from the start of your supply contract at your new home.

In addition to the 10% discount, TotalEnergies will give you a €10 discount when you move, if you decide to pay your bills by direct debit. The €10 will be deducted from your first regular invoice. This promotion is valid for electricity only.

In general, TotalEnergies advises you to fill out the energy transfer form (document de reprise des énergies) when you move. This form clears up any confusion about end/start meter readings for your supply at your old and new residence. And on it you will find the EAN code for the meters in your new home.

Home Move

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