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CallMePower will help you 100% free of costs with your energy & telecom contracts.

Electricity & Gas

Find the best energy contract for electricity and gas with help of our English- & Spanish-speaking experts.

Broadband, Mobile and TV

Find the best broadband, mobile and TV offers with help of our English- & Spanish-speaking experts.

Life in Belgium Made Simple

Callmepower is your English guide to moving to Belgium, living in Belgium, and setting up all your utilities. We help you compare prices, choose the best electricity and gas supplier, compare and choose a broadband, mobile and TV provider, analyze and understand your energy bill, and put a meter into service in the event of a move. You can contact CallMePower for all your needs when you move to Belgium or with a move in Belgium.

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    Compare All Offers
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Compare Energy Providers

Call our energy advisors with all your questions about energy or for a free comparison of all the energy providers.

+32 2588 0245

Compare Mobile & Broadband providers

Call our telecom advisors with all your questions about mobile, broadband and TV or for a free comparison of all the telecom providers.

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Frequent Asked Questions about CallMePower

Who is CallMePower?

CallMePower is a Belgium comparative website founded in 2015 by the French company Selectra. In the meantime, Selectra is active in 18 countries worldwide.

What are the activities of CallMePower?

The objective of CallMePower is to help Belgium household save on their monthly costs. We do so by comparing many different types of contracts for your hgouse for energy, telecom and insurance, but also by giving advice. On the website of CallMePower you will find a great amount of information related to our services, from executing a speedtest, to a checklist for your move and tips on how to save on your energy usage. You find it all on CallMePower.

Which services do CallMePower offer?

CallMePower is active as comparator for energy, broadband, mobile and TV, mazout and insurance. Moreover, we will also help you with all the necessary steps when you are moving towards or in Belgium.

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