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Voo is a TV and internet provider in Belgium. find out everything you need to know about their bundles, prices, coverage, and customer service, before subscribing to VOO internet, VOO TV, VOO mobile, or their landline subscriptions.

Who is Voo?

Voo Provider

Created in 2006 by an association between Brutélé and Nethys, VOO is a Belgian telecom operator, more precisely a Walloon. They are active in Wallonia as well as in certain municipalities in Brussels as an internet and digital TV provider as well as a fixed and mobile telephone operator.

VOO offers subscriptions and bundles for individuals and professionals. In certain areas, VOO offers quadruple play, as well as a digital decoder providing access to a wide range of HD channels and video on demand.

Why Choose Voo?

VOO offers the fastest internet on the market thanks to the 2 bandwidths integrated into the cable distribution network. One of them is dedicated to cable television distribution, while the other is dedicated to the Internet as well as to fixed telephony.

Unlike most competing operators, VOO customers are not directly connected to a terminal, but to relays guaranteeing the same signal speed, no matter how far you are from the terminal. This system allows VOO to guarantee its customers 90% of the maximum speed of 400 Mbps or 125 Mbps offered in the Relax and Max packs.

VOO is also the only operator offering truly unlimited internet. Indeed, the unlimited subscriptions offered by other operators often include limits only mentioned in fine print in their general conditions.

Voo Thumbs Up

VOO also offers the richest TV offer on the market, with 70 TV channels. They have several packages and bundles, as well as their own productions.

Their .évasion box is interactive. It lets you restart a program, to rewatch a program up to 7 days later, and to skip advertisements. You will also have access to VOO TV +, an interface app allowing you to watch television on several devices, customize your own profile for your own experience, and receive personalized content recommendations.

VOO's telephony offer is also particularly generous. VOO offers an unlimited fixed telephone subscription 24 hours a day (no peak or off-peak hours) as well as an international call option at a competitive rate.

The VOOmobile GSM subscription offers good data options and gives free access to a choice of TV channels. You can have up to 5 mobile phones on the same subscription.

  • Voo’s Advantages
  • Wide variety of bundles and subscriptions to meet customer needs
  • Fastest Internet in Belgium
  • Vast network of Wi-Free access points allowing you free surfing outside your home
  • Interesting TV packages: HD channels, video on demand, VOOmotion, VOO TV +, Be tv, VOO Sport packages, etc.
  • Benefit from mutual assistance between members of the VOO community via the Forum
  • Availability of VOO services in Wallonia, Brussels, and also in Flanders thanks to a partnership with Telenet.

What Voo plans and bundles are available at your home ?

Voo Coverage

VOO's coverage extends to Wallonia as well as to the following 6 Brussels municipalities:

  • Auderghem (1160)
  • Evere (1140)
  • Ixelles (1050 and 1051)
  • Saint-Gilles (1060)
  • Uccle (1180)
  • Woluwe-Saint-Pierre (1150)

However, some VOO services may not be available from you. This can happen if you live in a so-called non-modernized area. In this type of area, the infrastructure does not allow access to certain products offered by VOO, such as video on demand for example.

Am I eligible for a VOO service ? To find out, nothing could be easier! VOO has set up the availability test, a tool that lets you know in just a few seconds which VOO service is available to you. All you need to do is enter your address and hit the Enter key. You will then immediately discover which VOO subscriptions or packs are accessible at your address.

Voos Plans and Bundles

Voo has different plans and bundles, depending on what you are looking for. They have single plans, where you can get one service, or bundles where you can get two to four services together at discounted prices.

Voo Internet Solo

Voo Solo Net

For just internet, Voo offers the Solo plans, which come in three different grades:

  1. Solo Light
  2. Solo Relax
  3. Solo Max

The difference between them is the speeds that you get, as well as the data package size. Of course prices will vary depending on the grade.

The table below summarizes each package.

Solo Net plan details and prices
Plan Name Download Speed (Mbps) Upload Speed (Mbps) Data Volume (GB) Price (€/month)
Solo Light 75 4 100 27.95
Solo Relax 125 6.5 Unlimited 49.95
Solo Max 400 20 Unlimited 57.45

The modem comes for free with all plans.

Voo Solo TV

The Solo TV plan is for people who want access to a wide variety of cable tv and streaming channels. The plan comes with the .evasion set top box, a decoder, which allows interactive use of cable channels, such as skipping adverts, restarting programs, etc. They also have EXTRA TV channel bundles which you can subscribe to for access to themed channels. +

The service costs 33.95 €/month in its most basic form and includes the following:

  • 70 Channels
  • 1 free film per month
  • Set-top .evasion box
  • Cable Television
  • Video On Demand (VOD)
  • VooMotion

The Extra TV options are listed in the table below:

EXTRA TV Packs and Prices
Extra TV pack name Price (€/month)
Family Fun 9.99
Discover More 14.99
VOOsport 10.90
VOOsport World 16.99
Be tv 24.99
myXpass 19.95
Classé X 14.99
manX 10.80

They have a list of all the TV channels included in the basic subscription and EXTRA TV packs so you can check if you like them.

Voo Hero Mobile

Voo Hero

The Voo Hero plan is for mobile lines. Plans can come with unlimited call and text messages or 1000 minutes of calls and texts, and there are three different mobile data package sizes. Below is a table that lists the prices of each plan based on the data volume size.

VooMobile Hero Prices and Features
Data Size (GB) Calls and Texts Price per month (€/month)
2 GB 1000 minutes 14.00
Unlimited 22.00
10 GB 1000 minutes 22.00
Unlimited 30.00
27 GB 1000 minutes 36.00
Unlimited 44.00

These prices go down if you end up choosing a bundle or pack. These are covered below in the section on Voo Trio and Voo Quatro.

If you already have a Solo Net or Solo TV with Voo, you will benefit from a 6 €/month discount on your Hero mobile line.

Voo Duo Plans

Voo Duo

The Voo Duo bundles, or packs, cover the internet and TV. The packs are available in two levels only, Duo Relax and Duo Max. The internet portion of the plans is the same as the Solo Relax and Solo Max, they figure if you will be streaming a lot of TV might as well have unlimited data.

Both bundles come with the same TV Portion:

  • 70 Channels
  • 1 free film per month
  • Set-top .evasion box
  • Cable Television
  • Extra TV

And as mentioned before, you will also have the Voo TV + app, so you can watch the 70 channels, on your mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and Smart TVs.

The table below summarizes the two packs, with their differences being namely internet speed and prices.

Voo Duo Features and Prices
Bundle Name Internet Speed (Mbps) Data Volume (GB) TV Channels Price (€/month)
Duo Relax 125 unlimited 70 57.95
Duo Max 400 unlimited 70 79.95

Both packs come with free installation and activation.

Internet, TV and phones

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Voo Trio Bundle

Voo Trio

Voo also offers a triple-play bundle, with TV, internet, and mobile line being included in the pack. The Voo Trio comes in two levels:

  1. Trio Relax
  2. Trio Max

Once again, the internet portion is similar to the Solo and Duo levels.

There is a bit more difference between the TV portion of each one, where in the Trio Max one EXTRA TV pack is included, and you have the choice between:

  • Be TV
  • VOOSport World
  • Family Fun

But with both you also get:

  • 70 Channels
  • 1 free film per month
  • Set-top .evasion box
  • Cable Television
  • Voo TV + App

For the mobile portion, it is the same with both grades, you have unlimited calls and text messages, and 15 GB of data. You also have a choice of upgrading your data to 23 GB per month for an extra 8 €/month.

The table below shows the two pack’s details:

Voo Trio Features and Prices
Pack Name Internet ( Mbps / Data GB) Extra TV Mobile Price (€/month)
Trio Relax 125 / Unlimited None Unlimited Calls + 15GB Data 72.95
Trio Max 400 / Unlimited Yes Unlimited Calls + 15GB Data 87.45
Voo Quatro Plan

Voo Quatro

Finally, we have the Voo Quatro, which is their quadruple play offering covering, TV, internet, mobile lines, and landlines. In terms of the TV, internet, and mobile line portion, it is the same as the Voo Trio. The differences are in the landlines, as follows.

With both you have unlimited landline calling within Belgium 24/7. With the Voo Quatro Max, you also get unlimited national mobile line calls, and 2000 minutes of international calls for free per month. The table below shows the landline details:

Voo Quatro Landline Options
Pack Name National Landlines calls National Mobile calls International Landline Calls
Quatro Relax Unlimited 24/7 Paid service: 15 €/month Paid service: 7 €/month
Quatro Max Unlimited 24/7 Unlimited 24/7 2000 minutes/month

To summarize all the details, see the table below:

Voo Quatro Features and Prices
Pack Name Internet (Mbps / Data GB) Extra TV Mobile Landlines Price (€/month)
Quatro Relax 125 / Unlimited None Unlimited Calls + 15GB Data Unlimited National Calls to landlines 82.95
Quatro Max 400 / Unlimited Yes, choose between: Be TV, VOOSport World, Family Fun Unlimited Calls + 15GB Data Unlimited National Calls to landlines and mobiles + 2000 minutes of international calls 95.00

Contacting VOO: Customer Service and FAQ Pages

A great thing for English speaking customers, VOO has a set of FAQ pages in English. These are limited in scope. If you don’t find the answer to your question there, you can contact their customer service agents on the following numbers.

Voo Customer Service Numbers and Times
Reason for calling Phone Number Operational Times
Billing Issues 📞 078 50 50 50 Monday to Friday 08:30 - 18:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 13:00
Contract Cancellations 📞 02 852 99 56 Monday to Friday 08:30 - 18:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 13:00
Technical Support 📞 078 50 50 50 Monday to Friday 08:30 - 21:30
Weekends: 09:00 - 21:30
Subscribe to a new contract or service 02 588 25 47 Monday to Friday 09:00 - 18:00
Check product availability in your Area 02 588 25 47 Monday to Friday 09:00 - 18:00

If you are subscribed to Voo with a plan that includes a VooMobile line, you can alternatively call 5050 for free from your mobile.