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Energy Guides

This page lists all of our energy guides, so you can browse through them and find what you need. So far, we have guides on gas and electricity meters, guides on tariff and pricing options, and one on renewable energy. We are continually updating the guides and writing new ones.

Energy Meter Guides

In this section we have listed guides to help you understand the different types of meters available in Belgium, how and when to submit meter readings, and also how to find your EAN code.

Guide Description and Summary
EAN Code

Where is the EAN Code and What is it Used For?

The EAN code identifies the point of supply for your electricity and gas. You may be asked for it by your distribution network operator, or your supplier, in the context of a move, a new connection, or if you wish to terminate your contract. In this guide we cover everything you need to know about the EAN code.

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Meter Reading

How to Take a Meter Reading

Do you need to take the meter reading but you don't know how to do it? This guide explains meter reading procedures depending on your network manager and how to take them depending on the type of meter you have. We also explain when to take the reading and why it is important for you to do so.

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Electric Meter

Energy Meters: Types of meters in Belgium, Process for Installing a New Meter, and How to Read One

An energy meter measures the amount of electricity or gas consumed in kWhs over a set period of time. Your energy supplier determines your bills according to this measurement. In this guide we will cover the different types of meters, including: single-rate meters, dual-rate meters, gas meters, and budget meters.

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Tariff and Pricing Guides

In this section, we have listed guides to help you understand the peculiarities of fixed vs variable pricing in Belgium, and also what are peak and off peak tariffs and their times.

Guide Description and Summary
Variable Priced Tariffs

Fixed or Variable Energy Tariff, What Kind of Contract Should you Choose ?

In Belgium, there are two main tariff options for energy contracts: fixed or variable price tariffs. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each one? Thanks to this energy guide, you will know the differences between these two types of pricing options and be able to decide which tariff is best for you according to your consumption profile.

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Peak off peak hours

Peak and Off Peak Hours: Is Electricity Cheaper at Night?

The dual rate meter is one of the 3 types of electric meters in Belgium. It offers two distinct pricing modes: peak hours, otherwise known as daytime rates, and off-peak hours, also called nighttime rates. In this energy guide, we explain their differences and share with you the off-peak and peak times.

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Average Gas Bill

Average Gas and Electricity Bill in Belgium

Wondering what the average gas or electricity bill is in Belgium? How often do you need to pay? In this energy guide, we will cover those questions and more to make sure you know and understand the components of your energy bill.

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Renewable Energy

Guide Description and Summary
Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy and the Environment in Belgium

In this renewable energy guide we cover the renewable energies available in Belgium (solar panels, biomass, and even wind power), what are the technologies and tools in place with which to reduce pollution at home, and finally, how to offset your carbon emissions.

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Solar Panels

Solar Panels: Prices and the Prosumer Rates

This energy guide explains everything you need to know about solar panels: the difference between photovoltaic and solar thermal panels, their prices, what is prosumer rates, and feed-in meters. We also share supplier tariffs for solar panel owners.

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