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Understanding the energy market can be quite difficult, especially when you are in a foreign country. CallMePower, the energy comparison website of Belgium, gives you all the information you need to choose the best energy contract and what procedures to follow.

Energy Suppliers in Belgium

Since the liberalisation of the energy market in 2003, a lot has changed on the Belgian energy market. Previously, ENGIE Electrabel, then known as Electrabel, was the only supplier of electricity and natural gas, so there was no competition. Since 2003, the market has been opened up to new energy companies and a lot of energy suppliers have been added.

Currently there are more than 20 suppliers active in Belgium. Some of them are only active in one region, while others offer their services in the whole country. You are completely free to choose whichever supplier fits your needs the best. There is no regulated tariff in Belgium, so you will always have to get a contract with one of the commercial energy suppliers.

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How to Switch Energy Supplier in Belgium?

Switching energy suppliers in Belgium is super easy and completely free. Consumers and small businesses are completely free to switch providers whenever they want, regardless of their contract. CallMePower explains how to do it.

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Compare Energy Suppliers

The prices and services of energy suppliers and their contracts can differ greatly in Belgium, which is why it is highly recommended to compare carefully before taking out a contract.

When comparing suppliers it is recommended that you look at the price per kWh, but also at the fixed yearly costs. Also take into account that some contracts only offer an online service, which means you can only contact your supplier online. Finally, the origin of the electricity can also differ, with some suppliers offering 100% green electricity from Belgium.

You can compare all the suppliers in Belgium for free with the CallMePower energy comparator.

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Subscribe to an energy contract

Once you have found the right supplier, you can sign the contract. In order to sign an energy contract you will need the EAN-codes of the energy meters and the numbers of the meters. Both can be found on the meter itself or on your previous invoices.

When you sign the contract, your new supplier will contact the old supplier and cancel the contract. This will happen automatically and you do not have to take any action. However, it’s recommended that you check in the online customer zone if your contract has been cancelled correctly.

For every type of energy contract in Belgium you will have to take into account a termination period of one month. Once you sign a contract and there is already a contract active on the address, the soonest starting date will be in one month.

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Meter readings and final invoice

When your old supplier has received the instructions to cancel your contract, they will ask you for the meter readings. With the meter readings the supplier can make the final invoice and terminate the contract.

You will receive the final invoice some weeks after you have sent the meter readings to your distributor. Once the final invoice has been paid, the switch has been completed.

Questions or need help with switching suppliers?

Contact CallMePower for free advice on the energy contracts in Belgium or to compare all the suppliers with our energy experts.

Usefull Information About Energy in Belgium

Fixed or variable contract?

Choosing between a fixed or variable energy contract can have a big impact on your energy bills. A fixed contract can give more security, but variable contracts are often slightly cheaper. CallMePower gives you all the information about these types of contracts and how to choose the right contract for the current market situation.

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Types of meters and reading them

In Belgium there are several types of energy meters, of which the single rate meter and the dual rate meter are the most common. These meters can be analogue, but the digital meters are becoming increasingly common. The type of meter can have an impact on the price per kWh and how you should read them.

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Solar panels

An increasing number of energy suppliers in Belgium are investing in green energy, and so are many Belgian households. It is very common to see houses with solar panels in Belgium, especially because of the available subsidies and the potential savings. The installation process in Belgium is relatively easy and the return on investment is high.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the largest energy supplier in Belgium?

The largest energy supplier in Belgium is the former monopolist of the market; ENGIE Electrabel. Other key players on the market are: Luminus, Eneco, TotalEnergies and Mega.

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Is there a regulated energy tariff in Belgium?

There is no regulatoed energy tariff in Belgium. Consumers will always have to choose a contract at one of the commercial energy suppliers. There is, however, a social tariff available for households in a vulnerable position.

Is switching energy suppliers in Belgium free?

Consumers and small businesses can switch energy suppliers completely for free, without any cancellation fee. For any type of contract (fixed and variable) the cancellation period is one month.

Who is the cheapest energy supplier in Belgium?

The cheapest energy supplier is very dependent on your yearly energy consumption. It is highly recommended to compare all the suppliers based on your consumption before you take out a contract.

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