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Want to subscribe to a Belgian energy contract?

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Where is the EAN Code and What is it Used For?

EAN Code

The EAN code identifies the point of supply for your electricity and gas. You may be asked for it by your distribution network operator (ORES, Sibelga, etc.), or your energy supplier, in the context of a move, a new connection or, if you wish to terminate your contract. In Belgium, it always starts with 54 and is made up of 18 digits. In this energy guide we will cover everything you need to know about the EAN Code.

What is an EAN Code?

code ean

EAN code stands for “European Article Numbering” and, in general, is used in the field of commerce and industry to identify objects. It is therefore very useful from a logistical point of view.

In energy, it is used to identify your point of supply and makes it unique. Thus, if your home is connected to electricity and gas, this means that it has two supply points and that there will be two separate EAN codes to identify, namely: one for the electricity meter and another for the gas meter.

The EAN code is not to be confused with the meter serial number since the latter is used to identify the meter as a device.

It is also important to clarify that the EAN code depends only on an address and not on a natural person. In this case, if you move, the EAN code will not be the same.

In Belgium, it is made up of 18 digits and always starts with 54.

When Will I Need the EAN Code?

The EAN code is necessary in most energy-related procedures and also in the contract you have with your supplier.

For example, if you need to contact him or your distribution network operator, you will normally be asked to identify your point of supply to better respond to your request.

Below, you will find the main and most common procedures during which the EAN code is requested.

déménagement code ean

The EAN Code During a Home Move

As part of a home move, the EAN code is required to transfer your contract from one residence to another, in order to be sure that you have identified the right address.

Indeed, a simple error could terminate or transfer a contract belonging to another home and therefore risk a power cut.

During your home move, you will need to mention the EAN code of your old residence and your new residence. It is therefore advisable to have prepared a transfer of energy document (document reprise des energies) for both residences, with the EAN code for each meter noted on the corresponding document, as well as your meter readings.

Are you moving and need a new electricity / gas contract?

Call CallMePower for free help with finding the best energy contract for you (English-speaking advisors are available).

Are you moving and need a new electricity / gas contract?

Let us call you back for free help with finding the best energy contract for you (English-speaking advisors are available).

The EAN code to Terminate your Energy Contract

If you wish to terminate your energy contract, you will also be asked for the EAN code to avoid any error in terminating the contract, as explained above.

By subscribing to another supplier after termination, you will also be asked for it to identify your supply point.

If you are switching to a new supplier, then the new contract will require your EAN code, and the new supplier will manage the transfer by giving the relevant information to your old supplier.

The EAN Code While Making a New Connection for Electricity or Gas

The EAN code is essential for connecting your home to the electricity and / or gas networks.

Before your distribution network operator comes to install your meter, he will obligatorily communicate your EAN code to you so that you can take out a contract with the supplier of your choice. The procedure therefore requires that you have an energy contract before your meter is set up.

When it is a new connection, you will not be able to take out a contract without your EAN code since this is the only way for your supplier to identify your point of supply at this stage of the process.

Where can I Find My EAN Code?

Although essential in the field of energy, the EAN code is not always easy to find or locate.

That’s why we’ve listed all the places where you can easily locate it.

facture code ean

On Your Energy Bill

In case you already have an energy contract, the EAN code is always found on your monthly invoices, whether it is digital or hard copy.

For most suppliers, the EAN code is found at the top or bottom of the page.

In general, when contacting your supplier, it is recommended that you have an invoice handy to facilitate your identification.

If you need your EAN code as part of a move, don't hesitate to ask the former resident or your landlord for an invoice to collect it. Once again, we will recommend for you to fill out a transfer of energy document while moving as it will contain all the relevant information on it.

From your Distribution Network Operator

As explained previously, it is your distribution network operator who issues the EAN codes.

To find it, you will need to provide them:

  • Your complete address
  • If it is an apartment, the floor number and place (left or right as you look at the building from the street)
  • The meter serial number
  • The name of the previous occupants if you are a new move

Below, find the list of contacts of the various DSOs present in Belgium.

List of DSOs with their phone numbers in Belguim
DSO Region Phone Numbers
Wallonia Map
078 15 78 01
Wallonia Map
04 220 12 11
Wallonia Map
085 27 49 00
Wallonia Map
060 41 10 10
Wallonia Map
010 22 42 43
Flanders Map
078 35 35 34
Map Brussels
02 549 41 00

Online EAN Checkers for ORES and Sibelga

Some distribution network operators have websites where you can look up your own EAN code rather than having to call them and wait on the phone. For example the following two DSOs:

Differences Between EAN Code, Meter Number and Customer Number

EAN Meter Code

There is a lot of information on an energy bill. It is therefore not always easy to navigate between the different terms and numbers appearing there.

The data that are most often confused are the EAN code, the meter number and the customer number. So we explain the main differences between the three.

As explained throughout this article, the EAN code is a series of 18 digits starting with 54 and used to identify a point of supply, namely an address connected to electricity and / or gas.

If you change your meter, let's say a budget meter is installed, or a smart meter, you EAN code will remain the same. Actually, The only time your EAN code will change is if you change residence.

The meter serial number, on the other hand, is only used to identify your meter as a device. It is easily distinguishable from the EAN code since it has only 6 to 8 digits and is always engraved on the meter itself.

It is very useful to identify your meter if, for example, you live in an apartment and all the meters are in the same electrical room. Especially when you are submitting your meter readings.

In the event of a new meter installation, the EAN code will remain the same since the point of supply did not change. However, a new meter serial number will be assigned to your new meter.

The customer number is used to identify you to your energy supplier only. It also appears on your invoice and can allow you, for example, to access your online customer area or to identify yourself when contacting customer service.

You will be assigned a new customer number each time you change supplier. However, in the event that you move and stay with the same supplier, your customer number does not change, though your EAN code and meter serial numbers will.

Would you like advice on subscribing to an electricity / gas tariff?

Get free assistance from one of CallMePower's English speaking energy advisors!

Would you like advice on subscribing to an electricity / gas tariff?

Let us call you back for free assistance from one of CallMePower's English speaking energy advisors!

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