Want to subscribe to a Belgian energy contract?

Our English-speaking advisors are available to help you to sign up to a Belgium energy provider.

Want to subscribe to a Belgian energy contract?

Let our English-speaking advisors call you back to help you to sign up to a Belgium energy provider.

The leader in the Belgian market, ENGIE Electrabel is one of the most famous electricity and gas suppliers. This article explains everything you need to know about them: a brief history, ways to contact them, how My ENGIE works, and also what to do in case you change houses. ENGIE Electrabel additionally offers ancillary services such as boiler maintenance, sale and installation of the Boxx smart thermostat, and even the installation of solar panels.

  • Key points about ENGIE Electrabel:
  • A diversified portfolio of offer at competitive prices
  • Quality customer service recognized by residential and business customers
  • A pioneer in green electricity
  • Additional services such as boiler maintenance, solar panel installation, and sale of smart home products

How to contact ENGIE Electrabel?

Would you like to become a customer of ENGIE Electrabel or have questions to ask? You can contact the supplier through several means such as by phone, an online contact form, or even on social media. ENGIE is a supplier recognized for the quality of their customer service in the electricity and gas market. We will also cover which are the best ways to contact them if your preferred language is English.

ENGIE-Electrabel by Phone

Several ENGIE phone numbers are available from Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and saturday from 9am to 1pm. The phone number for customer service and moving has agents trained to take calls in English. So if you are not comfortable with French or Dutch, be sure to use that channel to contact ENGIE.

Telephone Numbers for ENGIE Electrabel
Reason for calling Phone Number Hours of Availability
Customer Service and Moving 📞 078 35 33 33 Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Contract Cancellation 📞 0800 64 000 Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Boiler Repair 📞 078 35 33 34 Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Subscribe to a new energy contract

02 588 02 45

Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

In the event of a gas leak or a power cut, it is not the energy supplier you should contact, but rather your distribution network operator (DSO). Below are the numbers of the DSOs in each region in Belgium

Who should you call in case of a power outage or if you smell gas?
Power Cut Number
Gas Leak Number
078 78 78 00
0800 87 087
04 220 12 11
04 362 98 38
02 274 40 66
0800 19 400
078 35 35 00
0800 650 65
085 27 49 00
0800 19 400
010 22 26 53
010 22 42 43
060 45 91 60
060 45 91 60

ENGIE Electrabel's Address

ENGIE Mailing Address

ENGIE does not have a physical address to welcome its customers. However, you have the possibility of going to one of its partner stores to ask them all your questions. If you wish to write a letter to ENGIE, you can send it directly to its head office located at the address below. This address is especially relevant in the filing of complaints or claims.

ENGIE Electrabel
Boulevard Simon Bolivar, 34
1000 Brussels

Contacting ENGIE Electrabel Online

It is possible to contact ENGIE Electrabel in various ways via the internet. The simplest is the contact form on their website. The form is in french or dutch, but as an English speaker, be sure to type your message in english, and they should be able to reply back in English.

Access ENGIE's online form

Interestingly, ENGIE Electrabel can be contacted through social networks, particularly on WhatsApp. You can also use facebook's Messenger chat tools, or Twitter, to get in touch with the provider. Though, these channels are not guaranteed to have English capabilities.

Do not hesitate to check the answers on the supplier's website before making contact. Your question may be answered in the Frequently asked questions section, though those will not be in English. Likewise, you also have the option of contact customer service on their website's online chat tool.

ENGIE's French FAQ pages

ENGIE's English language contact channels For English speaking customers, your best channel would be to call the following number 078 35 33 33, they have agents trained to take calls in English.
Otherwise, send them an email using the online contact form. If you send your message in English, someone should reply back in English.

My ENGIE : Login to your private customer area

Each customer at ENGIE Electrabel has a personalized online customer service area. This allows you to manage your consumption and view your bills. In the event you will be moving homes, it is possible to notify the provider via your ENGIE customer area.

My ENGIE Services

Once your personal account is created, it is possible to manage your contract independently and avoid waiting times on the phone or waiting for email replies. In this area, several options are available:

  • Monitoring your meter readings
  • Reviewing your ENGIE bills
  • Modifying your down payments
  • Modifying your personal data

Moving homes on My ENGIE

Moving with my engie

On My ENGIE, it is possible to report your move with ENGIE online. You would need to provide the following information:

  1. Your new address
  2. The start date of your rental agreement
  3. Your meter number
  4. Your EAN code (the identification code of your residence’s meters composed of 18 digits and which always starts with 54)

Depending on whether the meters in your new home are active or closed, the procedure will differ. If they are open, then you will simply have to subscribe to ENGIE, or any other supplier that you might choose to switch to. If they are closed, you will need to call your DSO and carry out some procedures with them. Likewise, when moving, it is necessary to send engie electrabel an energy recovery document completed by you, the outgoing customer, and the new resident. This document is used to definitively submit the meter readings to avoid any dispute. It will be necessary to complete this form even if you are staying with ENGIE Electrabel.

ENGIE Electrabel’s Tariffs

This supplier offers several electricity and gas tariffs to cater to as many different customers as possible. This is one of the main positive points noted according to the opinion polls of ENGIE customers. In total, the provider offers 4 types of contracts: Direct, Easy, UP and Drive. In the table below you will find a summary of the most popular offers.

Table comparing ENGIE Electrabel’s offers
Tariff Name
Up Direct Easy
Tariff Details Fixed price for 4 years + Boxx Thermostat Online Only Tariff = reduced annual subscription fee Most popular with both fixed price and variable price options
Contract Length 4 years 1 year 1 or 3 years
Green Energy and Locally Produced (yes/no) Yes
100% local
Optional Optional
Client Service Options Online, telephone or face-to-face Online Only Online, telephone or face-to-face
Comparing the Tariffs 02 588 02 45

All ENGIE Electrabel offers have a specific price for the Brussels region. You also have the option of adding 100% green sources to each of them. This option allows you to make sure you are supplied with the renewable energy, which might affect the price depending on market rates at the time. ENGIE Electrabel also provides the social tariff. You can ask them to apply it to your residence if you have an official certificate from your CPAS (Centres Publics d'Action Sociale/Public Centre for Social Welfare), the FPS (Federal Public Services) social security office , or from the federal pension service.

All the ENGIE Electrabel offers mentioned above are non-binding, therefore you are free to terminate your contract at any time.

Would you like advice on subscribing to an electricity / gas tariff?

Get free assistance from one of CallMePower's English speaking energy advisors!

Would you like advice on subscribing to an electricity / gas tariff?

Let us call you back for free assistance from one of CallMePower's English speaking energy advisors!

ENGIE Electrabel: History and information about the energy provider

Previously known as ENGIE (GDF Suez), the supplier acquired Electrabel in 2015, making it today the supplier ENGIE Electrabel. The supplier had a monopoly on the energy market in Belgium, but since the liberalization of the market, it has had to compete with other belgian providers such as Eneco, Mega and Essent. Since January 1, 2007 the electricity and gas market has been completely liberalized throughout all of Belgium. ENGIE Electrabel has also been a promoter of the energy transition, wishing to decarbonize our energy consumption. An example of that is their promotion of the Coo hydroelectric power station. Also, the supplier invests in wind energy and has services for solar energy installations. In fact, since 2016, the supplier installed the solar carport in Belgium, which is a terminal that allows electric cars to be recharged using solar energy .