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List of Energy Suppliers in Belgium

energy providers

An energy supplier is a company that sells electricity and gas to individuals and businesses. You have several options: subscribe only for electricity, only for gas, or both combined. While some suppliers are available everywhere in Belgium, others only target certain regions. All the information you will need about these providers is in this article.

List of Energy Suppliers
Supplier Names and Descriptions
Eneco logo Eneco Belgium has been supplying energy to Flanders and Wallonia since 2011. Today, they are considered the third largest player in the Belgian market and are committed to promoting the energy transition. By offering green electricity and natural gas at competitive prices, Eneco aims to make green energy more accessible to everyone.

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ENGIE Electrabel Have you heard of the supplier ENGIE Electrabel? The leader in the Belgian market, ENGIE Electrabel allows you to get electricity and gas for your home or your business. What are its offers and services? How do you contact them? Read the article to find out more.

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Essent Energy Supplier Essent is one of the five main energy suppliers in Belgium, supplying electricity and natural gas to households and businesses. In this article, we cover: My Essent app, their contact information, their tariffs, & customer reviews.

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Lampiris is a Belgian electricity and gas supplier and specializes in renewable energy. This article explains who Lampiris is, what it's electricity and gas offers are, how their customer service and the My Lampiris app works, and finally, what are the procedures to subscribe to a tariff with them.

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Considered one of the most important suppliers in Belgium, Luminus has become a major producer of green energy in the country. Part of the french EDF group, which is one of the largest energy providers in Europe.

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Mega Energie Fournisseur Founded in 2013 by two entrepreneurs from Liège, Mega is a relatively young player in the energy market. Mega energy is a 100% Belgian supplier whose founders believed that it was necessary to invest in a supplier of gas and electricity offering green and renewable energy that is affordable for everyone. Thanks to high quality customer service and transparent pricing, Mega quickly established itself on the Belgian energy market.

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Octa + Octa + is a Belgian energy supplier who was the first SME on the market to supply 4 different types of energy, namely: fuel oil (mazout), motor fuel, electricity and gas. We will share with you Octa +’s contacts and tariff details as well.

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Watz Energy
Watz is a Belgian energy supplier active in Flanders and Wallonia. At Watz, they prioritize transparency and clarity over discounts and promotion, so customers have only one variable price plan to choose from, covering gas, electricity, or both.

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Compare Energy Providers

Which energy supplier could match your needs best? At CallMePower, we have only one rule: compare! On our site, you will find several articles about the energy providers in Belgium where you will have all the necessary information: offers and prices, contact and information regarding the switch. We also have energy guides to give you details about meters, EAN codes, and everything energy.

In our articles, we present the price lists of the supplier in the following way:

Mega Easy fixed pricelist for electricity ⚡
Mega Easy Fixed Tariff
Fixed/Variable Fixed Tariff
Simple meter (Single rate)
Annual Subscription (€/year) 40.00
Energy price (€ cent / kWh) 6.29000
Dual Rate Meter
Annual Subscription (€/year) (€/an) 40.00
Energy price (€ cent / kWh) Day/ Peak Hours 7.24000
Energy price (€ cent / kWh) Night/ Off-Peak Hours 5.32000
Night Rate Only Meter
Annual Subscription (€/year)  
Energy price (€ cent / kWh) 5.3200
More Information on Mega Tariffs
02 588 02 45

rates effective in December 2020

Don't forget to compare the customer service levels with each supplier's offer. You will have options for your payment method, how to manage your energy bills, as well as the channels in which you can contact their customer service.

An Energy supplier can offer you different types of service channels depending on the offer you choose, so this criterion should not be overlooked. To learn more, read our article on different provider home maintenance packages.

Compare Green Energy Suppliers

Green Energy

If the support and provision of sustainable and renewable energy is an essential criterion for choosing your energy supplier, it is important to carefully read our articles on energy suppliers. We mention the provider's involvement in the Belgian energy transition.

In addition, "green" suppliers offer specific tariffs and support packages. For example, Eneco offers assistance for consumers who use an electric car. They also offer a special tariff for owners of solar panels, as does Lampiris.

There are also suppliers who offer grey energy (traditional and polluting sources) but have green options. An example of that would be ENGIE Electrabel.

Why Change Energy Suppliers?

Have you been with the same supplier for several years? It might be interesting for you to switch. Since the liberalization of the energy market, electricity and gas suppliers now set the tariffs and prices themselves.

Why not take the opportunity to save money? At CallMePower, we are committed to updating energy supplier tariffs to help you see the evolution of the energy market and change in prices in Belgium.

Tariff Switch

Would you like advice on subscribing to an electricity/gas tariff?

Get free assistance from one of CallMePower's english speaking energy advisors!

Changing your supplier therefore allows you to save money as well as to benefit for different types of customer service and home maintenance packages. We therefore do recommend that you pay attention to the entire offer of the energy supplier you choose.

You can change providers when moving or more generally, whenever you want. All energy contracts in Belgium are non-binding, which gives you the freedom to terminate the contract when you wish and at no cost to you! The only legal and mandatory condition is that you must give your current provider one month's notice of your switch, which is the custom procedure that happens in the background without your intervention.

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