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Want help by comparing all the telecom providers?

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Proximus is one of the main cable and internet operators in Belgium. Proximus offers mobile line subscriptions and TV, internet, telephone and mobile phone packages. Find out everything you need to know about Proximus, including: Proximus subscriptions and packs, MyProximus Customer Area, contact information, invoicing, home move, termination, etc.

Proximus packs: all the TV offers, internet, mobile and landline subscriptions

Proximus has coverage throughout Belgium and offers several packs and subscriptions to its customers:

  • Proximus TV and internet pack from € 59.99 / month *
  • Proximus TV, internet and landline pack from € 70.99 / month *
  • Proximus TV, internet and mobile pack from € 84.99 / month *
  • Proximus TV, internet, landline and mobile pack from € 95.99 / month *
  • Proximus mobile line subscription only from € 15.99 / month
  • Proximus internet only: from € 27.50 / month *

* Price excluding temporary promotion, installation costs of 59 € not included.

Proximus Pickx: Discover the Entire Proximus TV offer

Proximus Pickx is Proximus' digital TV platform. On Pickx, you have access to films and series on VOD, you can watch Proximus TV programs live or in replay or consult the Proximus TV Guide.

Proximus does not offer a TV subscription alone. To be able to benefit from Proximus Pickx, you must therefore subscribe at least to a Proximus TV and internet pack.

With Proximus TV you will get:

  • 80 TV channels including HD channels
  • A vast catalog of films and series on VOD
  • An application allowing you to watch TV on up to 5 screens simultaneously
  • Personalized content based on your profile
  • A wide variety of programs: cinema, series, entertainment, sports, news, discovery, youth, music, etc.
  • Live, replay or on-demand programs
  • The possibility of reviewing a TV program up to 7 days after its broadcast

The Proximus Pickx app is available on Android and iOS. You can use it on your TV screen (via Chromecast), on your tablet, smartphone or PC. Proximus Pickx operates in Belgium as well as throughout the European Union. All you need to do is connect to Wifi or a mobile network.

  • Proximus TV Channels
  • French-speaking channels: La Une, RTL-TVI, TF1, France 3, Arte, Canal Z, TV5 Monde, AB3, C8, etc.
  • Dutch-speaking channels: Eén, Canvas, VTM, Play 4, VTM 2, Ketnet, etc.
  • Foreign channels: BBC One, TVE, Rai 1, etc.
  • Proximus Pickx channels: Proximus Sports, Proximus Pickx Live
  • Entertainment channels: Action, TV Breizh, 13ème Rue, Syfy, TCM Cinéma, Comedy Central, E !, Fashion TV, Viceland HD, etc.
  • Culture and nature channels: Discovery, National Geographic, Trek, Science and Life TV, etc.
  • Music channels: Bel RTL TV HD, MTV Hits, NRJ Hits TV HD, Radio Contact Vision, RFM TV, etc.
  • Sports channels: Eurosport 1, eSportOne, Automoto, etc.
  • News channels: Al Jazeera, BBC World News, CNN, Euronews, France 24, LCI, etc.
  • Children and young adult channels: Baby TV, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Tiji, Gulli, etc.
  • Regional channels: depends on your location in Belgium, whether Flanders, Brussels, or Wallonia.

Proximus Mobile Phone Line Subscription

Proximus offers several mobile line subscription offers, youth oriented tariffs, their standard range, their prepaid range, and smartphones with subscriptions.

Promixus Epic

Epic is an offer specially designed for young people connected to social networks (epic stories), music apps (epic beats), and video (epic video), consisting of 3 levels subscriptions with lots of data and call time from € 19.99 / month *;

With each level the dedicated amount of data increases for specific apps that are part of the level, and a separate pool of data (around 4GB) is kept for any other apps that you might use.

Each level includes the apps from the previous level, so the epic beats will include all the social apps, and epic video will include the social and music apps.

Proximus Mobilus

Mobilus is an offer having 5 different levels of subscriptions which you can choose from according to your needs, with prices varying between € 15.99 * (Mobilus S) and € 49.99 / month * (Mobilus 5G Unlimited)

Proximus Mobilus Subscription Tariffs
  Mobilus S Mobilus M Mobilus L Mobilus Unlimited 5G Mobilus Unlimited Premium 5G
Call Time 120 minutes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SMS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data 2 GB 10 GB 15 GB Unlimited** Unlimited++
Price* 15,99€ 26,99€ 36,99€ 42,99€ 49,99€

*Monthly Price without promotions or discounts, activation price not included.
**Unlimited with speeds upto 4G for the first 35GB, then speed is slowed down to 512kbps.
++Unlimited with speeds up to 5G in Belgium only.

Smartphones with subscriptions:

As part of certain Proximus GSM promotions, you can receive a smartphone with your subscription from € 9. Here are some of the current smartphone offers with a Proximus GSM subscription.

  • iPhone SE: from € 9 with subscription
  • iPhone 11: from 79 € with subscription
  • iPhone XR: from € 99 with subscription
  • iPhone 12: from € 299 with subscription
  • Samsung Galaxy A21s: from € 9 with subscription
  • Samsung Galaxy A71: from € 9 with subscription
  • Samsung Galaxy S20: from € 9 with subscription
  • Samsung Galaxy S21: from 149 € with subscription
  • OnePlus Nord: from € 9 with subscription
  • OnePlus 7t Pro: from € 49 with subscription

Prepaid card: Proximus Pay and Go

Recharge Proximus
  Topup of 10€ Topup of 15€ Topup of 25€
Call time or SMS 33 minutes or 83 SMS 50 minutes or 125 SMS 83 minutes or 208 SMS
Bonus available for 31 days +10 min and 500 SMS +20 min and unlimited SMS +50 min and unlimited SMS
Data 100 MB 250 MB 500 MB
SIM Price* 19,99€ 24,99€ 37,99€

There are several ways to top up your Proximus Pay and Go + prepaid card

  • Online
  • Via your MyProximus customer area
  • Via the MyProximus mobile app
  • At a Proximus point of sale

Proximus Internet

Proximus offers 3 different internet subscriptions:

  • Internet Start: € 27.50 / month *
  • Maxi Internet: € 50.99 / month *
  • Flex (Internet Maxi + TV): € 59.99 / month *

* Price excluding temporary promotion, installation costs of 59 € not included.

MyProximus, the Proximus Customer Area

MyProximus is the Proximus customer area. You can access MyProximus on your computer via the internet, or via the app on your mobile phone.

On MyProximus, you can access the following features:

  • Consult your Proximus invoices
  • Track the status of your payments
  • Control your consumption
  • Manage your Proximus subscriptions
  • Order or cancel your options
  • Reload a Pay and Go card
  • Receive personalized offers
  • Take advantage of promotions and advantages
  • Schedule your appointments
  • View your Premium Club points and exchange them for a gift
  • Manage your Proximus Mail
  • Inform Proximus of your move
  • Access all applications (TV Partout, 1307, I am OK, Proximus Home Control, etc.)
  • Activate your Wi-Fi Hotspots account

To manage the paid options, you must be the manager of your family's MyProximus account. This means that you will see all the subscriptions in your Customer Area, unlike the rest of your household users, who will only see their own GSM subscription.

How to connect to MyProximus?

If you already have a MyProximus account, you can log in via this link. All you need to do is enter your email address and your password.

If you have an itsme account, you can log into MyProximus with the itsme app by clicking on "Log in with itsme". Then enter your mobile number and click on "Send". Open the itsme app on your mobile phone and follow the instructions.

How to register for MyProximus?

You don't have a MyProximus account yet? Click on "Register". You will then arrive on a page entitled "Register for MyProximus".

To register for MyProximus, you will need to enter the following information:

  • Your email address (this will then serve as your login to MyProximus)
  • Your password (at least 8 characters including at least 4 letters and 1 number)
  • Your first name
  • Your name

You will then have to enter the characters appearing on the image, then click on "Continue".

2 possibilities are available to you, depending on whether you have fixed (Proximus TV, internet, telephone) or mobile products:

  1. For fixed products, register on MyProximus with your invoice: click on "I want to manage my fixed products" and enter your Proximus customer number (9 digits at the top of your invoice). Click on continue, then enter the Proximus activation code (code composed of 8 figures and capital letters located on your invoice), as well as the date (same place) mentioned on one of your last Proximus invoices or your letter of welcome
  2. For mobile products, enter your Proximus mobile number and click on "Send my activation code": you will receive your activation code by SMS. Then enter the activation code received and click on "Continue".

If you have both fixed and mobile products, choose the registration via your invoice, then add your mobile products in MyProximus.

You will receive a confirmation email asking you to confirm that you want to create a MyProximus account. Remember to check your junk mail if this is not the case.

Contacting Proximus Customer Service

To contact proximus customer service you can use the following phone numbers:

  • 0800 55 800
  • +32 475 15 60 30(from abroad)

The numbers are available on weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM. On Saturday, Sunday and on public holidays from 9 AM to 10 PM for technical support. For billing and general customer service timings may vary.

To find your nearest proximus shop go to the webpage. You can also take an appointment there to reduce your wait time.