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Compare Energy Prices and Tariffs

To subscribe to an energy contract and choose a supplier suited to your needs, it is important to know the fundamentals of the energy market in Belgium. In this article, you will find a wealth of information on energy suppliers in Belgium as well as on other organizations in the industry. You can also read our energy guides to get technical information about tariffs and bills, meters, and renewable energy in Belgium.

Who are the Players in the Belgian Energy Market?

Since the liberalization of the energy market in Belgium, there are 4 main actors in the industry:

  1. Energy suppliers
  2. Distribution Network Operators
  3. Transmission System Operators
  4. Regulators

The energy suppliers are the companies that will have direct contact with you over your supply of energy. The liberalization of the market allows you to choose which supplier you would like to take an energy contract with. From a consumer perspective, the purpose of the liberalization was to increase competition and provide more choices and innovation for the consumer.

The Distribution Supply Network Operators (DSOs) are in charge of distributing the supply from the transmission networks to your home.

The Transmission System Operators (TSOs) are in charge of the high pressure and high voltage transmission network from the energy sources, power plant or natural gas depot, throughout the country.

And finally, the regulators are in charge of overseeing the above players, and making sure that they all act within the frameworks of the law and in your best interest.

Energy Providers in Belgium

In Belgium, we have around 15 energy suppliers. Some only offer electricity or gas, while others offer both. Likewise, some are only available in specific regions of the country, while other are active throughout Belgium.

At CallMePower, an expert and comparison site in energy tariffs, we have dedicated an article about the suppliers present on the market. You will be able to find all the useful information there, whether concerning their updated prices, how to contact them, and also any additional services they offer.

Below is a table containing some of the articles we have written on the major suppliers in Belgium.

List of Energy Suppliers
Supplier Names and Descriptions
Eneco logo Eneco Belgium has been supplying energy to Flanders and Wallonia since 2011. Today, they are considered the third largest player in the Belgian market and are committed to promoting the energy transition. By offering green electricity and natural gas at competitive prices, Eneco aims to make green energy more accessible to everyone.

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ENGIE Electrabel Have you heard of the supplier ENGIE Electrabel? The leader in the Belgian market, ENGIE Electrabel allows you to get electricity and gas for your home or your business. What are its offers and services? How do you contact them? Read the article to find out more.

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Essent Energy Supplier Essent is one of the five main energy suppliers in Belgium, supplying electricity and natural gas to households and businesses. In this article, we cover: My Essent app, their contact information, their tariffs, & customer reviews.

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Lampiris is a Belgian electricity and gas supplier and specializes in renewable energy. This article explains who Lampiris is, what it's electricity and gas offers are, how their customer service and the My Lampiris app works, and finally, what are the procedures to subscribe to a tariff with them.

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Considered one of the most important suppliers in Belgium, Luminus has become a major producer of green energy in the country. Part of the french EDF group, which is one of the largest energy providers in Europe.

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Mega Energie Fournisseur Founded in 2013 by two entrepreneurs from Liège, Mega is a relatively young player in the energy market. Mega energy is a 100% Belgian supplier whose founders believed that it was necessary to invest in a supplier of gas and electricity offering green and renewable energy that is affordable for everyone. Thanks to high quality customer service and transparent pricing, Mega quickly established itself on the Belgian energy market.

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Octa + Octa + is a Belgian energy supplier who was the first SME on the market to supply 4 different types of energy, namely: fuel oil (mazout), motor fuel, electricity and gas. We will share with you Octa +’s contacts and tariff details as well.

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Watz Energy
Watz is a Belgian energy supplier active in Flanders and Wallonia. At Watz, they prioritize transparency and clarity over discounts and promotion, so customers have only one variable price plan to choose from, covering gas, electricity, or both.

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Energy Providers in Brussels

There are 8 providers active in Brussels, including some of the main players in the country, as well as a niche player called Brusol which specializes in installing free solar panels.

CallMePower, the Energy Comparison site in Belgium

Nothing beats comparisons to make an educated choice that meets your needs! At CallMePower, comparing energy tariffs is part of our DNA, which is why we have a call center dedicated to helping you choose the right provider and tariff for your needs. To contact one of our English speaking advisors either call the number below or request a free callback.

Operators of the Distribution and Transmission Supply Networks

Among the players in the energy market, are the operators of the distribution and transmission supply networks.

DSOs have a specific area where they distribute gas and electricity from the transmission network to your home.

With regard to the TSOs, they are responsible for maintaining the high voltage network for electricity, and the high pressure network for gas. They are notably in charge of transporting energy to DSOs and large industrial groups that need a large amount of energy.

In French, the Distribution Supply Network Operators (DSOs) are called gestionnaires du réseau de distribution (GRD), and the Transmission Supply Network Operators (TSO) are called gestionnaires du réseau de transport (GRT).

Below is a table listing the DSOs, the area they cover, and their phone numbers.

List of DSOs with their Phone Numbers in Belgium
DSO Region Phone Numbers
Wallonia Map
Gas leak : 0800 87 087
Power outage : 078 78 78 00
General enquiries : 078 15 78 01
Enquiries on natural gas : 0800 98 670
Wallonia Map
Gas leak : 04 362 98 38
Power outage : 04 263 18 80
General enquiries : 04 220 12 11
Wallonia Map

General enquiries and outages : 085 27 49 00

Wallonia Map
Power outage : 060 45 91 60
Energy production : 060 45 91 62
Wallonia Map
Power outage : 010 22 26 53
Flanders Map
Gas leak : 0800 65 0 65
Power outage : 078 35 35 00
Map Brussels

Gas leak : 0800 19 400
Power outage :02 274 40 66
General enquiries : 02 549 41 00

Who are the Regulators?

In order to ensure transparency and competition in the energy market, each region has its regulator which is governed by a federal entity, the CREG.

The regulators are responsible for:

  1. Ensuring the proper functioning of the market in accordance with the policies of the country
  2. Ensuring the transparency of the energy market
  3. Defending the interests of the consumers
  4. Advising public services

Below is a table listing the regulators, the area their authority covers, and their phone numbers.

List of Regulating Authorities in Belgium
Competent Authority Region Phone Numbers
La Commission de Régulation de l'Electricité et du Gaz (CREG)
[The Electricity and Gas Regulatory Commission]
Map of Belgium
☎ 02 287 76 11
La Commission Wallonne pour l'Énergie (CWaPE)
[The Walloon Commission for Energy]
Wallonia Map
☎ 081 33 08 10
Le Régulateur Bruxellois pour l’Énergie (BRUGEL)
[The Brussels Energy Regulator]
Map of Brussels
☎ 0800 97 198
Vlaamse energieregulator voor aardgas en elektriciteit (VREG)
[Flemish energy regulator for natural gas and electricity]
Flanders Map
☎ 02 553 17 00
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