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How do you compare energy tariffs?

Comparing energy tariffs can be done in several ways and it mainly depends on your wishes and expectations of an energy supplier which offer you should choose. As an energy comparator, we advise you to take the following things into account when comparing energy rates:

  • Origin of electricity: electricity from green or polluting energy sources?
  • Service from the supplier: best customer service or arrange energy matters yourself (online)?
  • Price per kWh: the lowest price at the moment or a stable price over a long period?
  • Type of contract: a fixed or variable energy contract?
  • Duration of the contract: energy contract with a long term or a short term?

Compare fixed variable rates

Choosing a fixed or variable contract?

An important choice you have to make when subscribing to an energy contract is between a fixed or variable energy tariff. This choice can lead to large savings in the long term or a higher invoice. How do you choose the best rate?

As an energy comparator, we recommend opting for a variable energy rate if energy prices are higher than normal. As soon as energy prices start to fall, your energy bill will also fall.

If energy prices are lower than normal, we recommend opting for a fixed rate. In this way you will continue to enjoy the low rate over a longer period of time and you will not be bothered by possible price increases.

Compare duration

Which duration of the contract to choose?

Before you choose the duration of the contract, it is good to know that consumers in Belgium can change their energy supplier at any time. Each contract has a notice period of one month and can then be terminated without additional costs.

Variable energy contracts move with the market prices of energy, making the term less important. In this case, the duration only ensures that the conditions remain the same during this period, with the exception of contracts with an indefinite duration.

For a fixed energy contract, it is often advisable to opt for a long term. This way you are assured that you will continue to pay an attractive price during the term of your contract. Moreover, it is possible to switch if the prices at another supplier are lower.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why compare energy tariffs?

The tariffs of energy providers in Belgium can differ greatly. Even contracts from the same provider can have significant differences on a yearly basis. Therefore, it is highly recommended to compare all the offers based on your yearly energy consumption in order to find the best offer for your situation.

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Is changing energy supplier free?

Households in Belgium can switch energy suppliers completely for free and whenever they want, regardless of their contract type and if the duration of the contract has ended. You will only have to take the switching period of one month into mind.

What is the best comparison site for energy in Belgium?

In the CallMePower comparator you have the option to compare all energy contracts in Belgium with each other, including those of the suppliers we do not work with. You also have the option of receiving exclusive discounts in the CallMePower comparator.

What services does CallMePower offer?

At CallMePower we compare a large number of different household contracts. CallMePower currently offers information about gas and electricity, fuel oil, telecom, insurance, relocations and water suppliers.

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