Want to subscribe to a Belgian energy contract?

Our English-speaking advisors are available to help you to sign up to a Belgium energy provider.

Want to subscribe to a Belgian energy contract?

Let our English-speaking advisors call you back to help you to sign up to a Belgium energy provider.

Eneco Belgium has been supplying energy in Flanders and Wallonia since 2011. Today, they are considered the third player in the Belgian market and are committed to promoting the energy transition. By offering green electricity and natural gas at competitive prices, Eneco aims to make green energy more accessible to everyone. In this article, you will find all the information you need about this supplier, including: My Eneco customer site, consumer reviews and prices.

Who is Eneco, the supplier of green energy in Belgium?

Founded in 1995 in the Hague, Eneco is a dutch energy supplier which entered the Walloon and Flemish market in 2011 by providing energy for SME Businesses and residences.

In 2014, the company acquired a solar energy production company, Prosolar, which allowed it to become the second largest solar energy producer in Belgium. In July 2017, Eneco took over the activities of the supplier Eni and grew its customer portfolio in the process.

Today, Eneco is considered to be one of the biggest players in the Belgian market, competing directly with ENGIE Electrabel and Luminus.

Eneco's Renewable Energy

One of Eneco's goals is to make renewable energy accessible to everyone. This supplier is considered the most "sustainable" energy provider in the country with the goal of producing 100% green electricity in Belgium by 2020. To accomplish this, Eneco invests in various sustainable projects and develops wind and solar farms.

In addition, it is the first energy supplier in the world to partner with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), an NGO dedicated to protecting the environment through sustainable development.

  • Key facts and figures about Eneco Belgium:
  • Belgian producer and supplier of green energy
  • Subsidiary of the Dutch Eneco group
  • Third largest provider in the Belgian market
  • Active since 2011 in the belgian retail market
  • 100% green energy with more than 90 wind turbines and more than 260,000 solar panels since 2020
  • Goal: 100% local produced energy by 2025
eneco contact

How do you contact Eneco?

Eneco provides high quality customer service: a phone line, an online contact form, via social networks or chat. All forms of communication are at your disposal when contacting this supplier.

Enecos Phone Numbers

Depending on your case, there are several phone numbers on which to contact Eneco. Their call centers are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

Eneco Phone Numbers
Reason for calling Phone Number
Subscribe to a contract with Eneco 02 588 02 45
Customer service and billing issues 📞 010 23 97 98

Eneco’s Head Office Mailing Address

If you would like to send a letter you can mail their head office at:

Eneco Belgium
Battelsesteenweg 455
2800 Malines

Eneco Online

You also have the option to contact the supplier online, using their website’s contact form. In case of an urgent question, you can contact them directly using their live chat feature.

Are you an existing customer? If so, we advise you to have your customer number on hand which will be requested from you for better follow-up to your issue.

You can also contact Eneco through their social media channels on Facebook and Twitter. And finally, you might be able to find answers to your questions on their online FAQ pages.

My Eneco, login to your private customer area

my eneco

Eneco provides its customers with access to a personalised and private customer area, My Eneco.

There, you will be able to contact the supplier very easily. You will also be able to carry out the following tasks:

  • See your current consumption
  • Download your Eneco bills and invoices
  • Change your monthly payment amount
  • Modify your personal information

How to create your own My Eneco account?

To create your account with My Eneco, simply go to the website and register with your email address. Be sure to use the same email address that you registered with Eneco during your tariff subscription. During the process, a password will automatically be created for you.

For convenience, use the email address with which you made your energy contract.

Once your account has been created, you will receive an email with your login information and a direct link to your account.

If you forget your password, all you have to do is report it on the link that is on the login page. An email will be sent to you so that you can create a new one.

Moving Homes with Eneco

In the event that you are moving homes and you would like to continue your contract with Eneco, all you have to do is request it in your customer area. Before contacting Eneco, have these documents ready:

  • Your new address
  • Your current address
  • The start date of your rental agreement
  • The EAN code of your new home. This is the identification code of your residence’s meters composed of 18 digits and which always starts with 54. You can find it on an old bill or invoice.
  • The meter readings on the day of your move, and the meter type

Do not forget to fill out the energy transfer document (document reprise des energies). It will be useful for you to avoid any disputes regarding meter reading and consumption between you and the old/new tenants in a residence. You should fill this out both for your new residence, as well as your old residence.

Eneco Customer Reviews

Overall, customer reviews are positive for Eneco on the various review sites.

Eneco Customer Reviews
Pros Cons
Customers appreciate Eneco’s value for money, as well as their positive environmental impact. Some customers have found Eneco’s billing service irregular.

Eneco’s Tariff guide for gas and electricity

eneco tariff

The supplier offers 5 natural gas tariffs and 6 electricity tariffs. This wide choice of fixed and variable prices aims to make green energy accessible to all.

The "Toit Solaire" (Solar Roof), "Soleil et Vent Plus" (Sun and Wind Plus), and "Gaz Plus" (Gas Plus) tariffs are the most popular. For details of the other tariffs , we advise you to read our article on Eneco’s Tariffs and Prices.

The Toit Solaire package

Do you have solar panels? Eneco offers its customers the Toit Solaire (Solar Roof) tariff, which includes a discounted fixed rate contract for one year. This rate is then adapted to the market price and the fixed fee remains the same.

The Soleil et Vent Plus and Gaz Plus Tariffs

The Soliel et Vent Plus (Sun and Wind) tariff for your electricity has the advantage of granting you 25% of your day time consumption at the night rate if you have a dual rate meter. Otherwise, around 16% of your consumption will be considered at the night rate, even if you have a simple, single rate, meter. This tariff also offers you a fixed rate which will remain unchanged for three years.

With the Gaz Plus (Gas Plus) tariff, the price of the natural gas is fixed for three years also.

Would you like to subscribe to a contract with Eneco ?

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Would you like to subscribe to a contract with Eneco ?

Let our English speaking energy advisor call your back for free assistance!

Comfort Bonus, Eneco’s Loyalty Program

Eneco wants to reward its customers' loyalty with the Eneco Comfort Bonus. This program is active after being with Eneco for 1 month. More benefits are added to the program after you have been with eneco for 1 year.

Eneco’s Comfort Bonus Package
The Levels Details and Conditions
Eneco Comfort Bonus Level 1 (after 1 month) Eneco Comfort Line (phone based informational assistance), covering:
  • Fast repair service or 24/7 repair service for home needs, such as: plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, etc.
  • Security companies
  • Moving companies
  • Storage units
  • Ambulance services
  • Information on mental health support
  • Information on locating electric vehicle charging points
  • Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and palliative care centers
Bike Assistance
  • Onsite repair
  • Towing and transport to nearest dealership/garage
Eneco Comfort Bonus Level 2 (after 12 months) Electric Car Assistance (in addition to level 1 features) Roadside assistance in Belgium covering:
  • Onsite repair
  • Towing and transport to nearest dealership/garage
  • Replacement car if your repairs will take longer than 5 days.