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This article covers everything you need to know about the energy supplier Luminus, a pioneer in the energy market in Belgium. It includes their contact information, their My Luminus customer area, procedures to carry out in case of a house move, what's included in their invoices, as well as details of their tariffs such as the Luminus Optifix.

Luminus : a Supplier of Green Energy


Luminus is one of the largest suppliers of gas and electricity in Belgium. Bought by EDF in 2011, the supplier relies on renewable energy and aims to become the preferred energy supplier of the Belgians and residents of Belgium.

Luminus’ History

Already present as a supplier in the Flemish market, Luminus is gaining importance and market share following the liberalization of the energy market in Wallonia. In fact, Luminus merged with SPE in the 2000s, a public electricity production company founded in 1978.

In 2009, EDF took a majority stake in the company, then fully bought SPE-Luminus in 2011. This is how the name EDF Luminus appeared on the scene, but the company retains the Luminus brand name for its activities in Belgium.

In addition to providing green and gray electricity and natural gas, Luminus offers its customers a range of services and products related to solar panels, water heaters and home help in the event of power outages and the likes.

Luminus and Renewable Energy

With the aim of reducing consumers’ carbon footprint, Luminus is striving to become one of the largest producers of green energy in Belgium.

They use environmentally friendly technologies and renewable energy sources such as:

  1. Hydraulic Energy
  2. Wind Energy
  3. Energy from biomass
  4. Solar energy

Contacting Luminus

If you need to contact Luminus for advice or as a customer, several channels are available to you such as call center, their My Luminus customer area, an online contact form, online chat service, or even by visiting their offices at Liège.

Luminus is generally quite good at providing support in English. Though it is not official, they have advisors trained in English on most of their contact channels, including the online chat. You just have to request it.

In French, you can say or type “Serait-il possible de parler à quelqu'un en anglais? [Would it be possible to talk to someone in English?]”

luminus phone

Luminus Phone Numbers

Whether for customer service or for your move, you can reach Luminus by phone. They generally have English speaking staff training, so when you call them by phone, you can request an English advisor.

Luminus customer service is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm

Luminus Phone Numbers
Service Phone Number
Client Service 📞 078 155 101
Home Move 📞 078 180 183

Luminus Online

In order to avoid long wait lines on the phone, you can fill out their online contact form, after which their customer service will contact you. If you are having trouble navigating their website in French or Dutch, you can just send an email to the following address: [email protected] . If you write the email in English, you will most likely get a reply in English.

Additionally, you can find a chat box on their website which will connect you directly to an advisor. You can request an advisor who speaks English using the phrase mentioned above, and if there is one on shift, you will be transferred to them.

You can also contact Luminus on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Luminus Office in Liège

Luminus has one physical location you can visit, an office in Liège at the following address:

Place de la République Française, 45
4000 Liège

You can visit the office from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm but only by appointment. To set an appointment, you will need to call their customer service number.

Luminus in Brussels Luminus does not have an office in Brussels, but they do have a digital kiosk which is located at 34 Boulevard Pachécho

My Luminus, Luminus’ Online Customer Area

My Luminus

As a Luminus customer, you can use their personalised customer area, My Luminus. This application has many features, such as:

  • Compare your consumption with similar households
  • Easily access you invoices
  • Modify your monthly payments
  • Manage your personal data and services

You can also download the My Luminus mobile app at the Apple App Store, and Google Play store.

Luminus Customer Support Services

In addition to Luminus’ customer service related to your contracts and invoices, Luminus also provides its customers with assistance and care packages to help obtain professional help in the event of breakdowns and domestic repairs.

  1. Assistance Habitation [Home Assistance] : With this maintenance service, you can benefit from quick support in the event of home damages. A specialist will come to your home within 24 hours to temporarily repair the damage. In the event of urgent cases, a roof leak for example, Luminus provides up to € 400 in financial assistance.
  2. Entretien Chaudière [Boiler Maintenance] : It is required by law in Belgium to maintain and certify your boiler. Once every year if you have an fuel-oil boiler, and once every two years if you have a natural gas boiler. This service makes sure you are covered in terms of all the legal requirements and will replace any parts that need changing. The price ranges from € 6.5 per month to € 18.75 per month depending on the type of boiler you have and the age of your residence.
  3. Garantie chaudière [Boiler Insurance] : Luminus will insure the repair of your central heating within 24 hours in case of a problem or breakdown. The compensation covered by Luminus can reach up to € 500 per repair. The cost is € 9.95 per month, with the first month for free.
  4. Electro Repair and Replace [Electrical Repair and Replace] : Luminus provides a repair service for your household appliances and white goods. This service allows you to extend the warranty period of certain devices, and to benefit from repair within 48 hours. The price ranges from € 5 to € 6.95 per month.
  5. Assistance Vélo [Bicycle Assistance] : This service is limited to subscribers of the Ecofix tariff and it is for free. It covers accidents, breakdowns, tire puncture, theft, and padlock issues. They will provide you with support up to twice a year.
  6. Hotline panneaux solaires [Solar Panel Hotline] : As a Luminus customer, you can contact their solar panel hotline for free. They will support you over the phone or send a technician to your home for any repairs. Do note that all travel and repair costs are not included in this service, and you will have to pay for them yourself.
Contact and costs of services
Service Phone Numbers (24/7) Prices
Home Assistance 0800 80 808 € 7.95 per month
Boiler Maintenance 0800 80 808 € 6.5 - € 18.75 per month
Boiler Insurance 0800 80 808 € 9.95 per month (first month free)
Electrical Repair and Replace 078 159 980 € 5 to € 6.95 per month (one month free)
Bicycle Assistance 078 155 572 Free and only available to Ecofix subscribers
Solar Panel Hotline 0800 80 808 Free hotline, paid repairs

Moving Homes with Luminus

luminus home move

Are you a Luminus customer who needs to move homes? You will need to notify your supplier as soon as possible in order to provide them with your meter readings for your old and new residences.

As part of your move with Luminus, you have the options to carry out all procedures either over the phone with an advisor, or to manage them yourself via the My Luminus app. In both cases, you will need the following information to process your move:

Luminus will base your invoices on the the meter readings that you have submitted to them. The best way to gather this information is by filling out the energy transfer form (document de reprise des énergies), the linked version is in French and English. This document is required by some landlords and energy providers, to prove a common agreement on the state of the meters between old and new residents.

Moving Homes: Luminus Invoicing Details
New Customer Existing Customer
If you subscribed to a contract with Luminus after your move, you will receive your first invoice within 15 days. If you were a Luminus customer before your move, you will receive your final bill for your old home within a month on your move.

Do not forget to fill out and keep your energy transfer form (document de reprise des énergies) co-signed with the previous occupant. This document will be useful in the even of a dispute over meter readings and bills.

Home Move

Are you moving and need a new electricity/gas contract ?

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Luminus Tariffs

luminus tariffs

As a major supplier and producer of energy, Luminus strives to be as competitive as possible and offers several tariffs at fixed or variable rates. You also have the option of choosing a formula with gray electricity, from nuclear power plants, or green energy. Below are details of the main offers with the prices updated every month.

Be aware, Luminus is not active in Brussels capital region. If you live there, or are moving there, you will need to subscribe to a tariff with a different provider.

Luminus Optimal

If you want a flexible tariff for electricity and natural gas, the Luminus Optimal tariff would be best for you. You will benefit from variable prices with a contract length of one year. Additionally, with My Luminus, you will be able to manage your energy consumption yourself.

Electricity Price Schedule for the Luminus Optimal Tariff ⚡
Luminus Optimal Tariff
Fixed/Variable Variable Tariff
Simple Meter (Single Rate)
Annual Subscription (€/Year) 53.000000
Cost of Energy (€ cent / kWh) 57.50000
Dual Rate Meter
Annual Subscription (€/Year) 53.00
Cost of Energy (€ cent / kWh) Day Rate 62.35000
Cost of Energy (€ cent / kWh) Night Rate 52.53000
Night Only Meter
Annual Subscription (€/Year) -
Cost of Energy (€ cent / kWh) 52.5300

Rates effective as of September 2022

Luminus Optifix

Do you prefer knowing your expenditures to plan out your finances? With the Luminus Optifix, you received fixed rates for your gas and electricity for 2 year.

Electricity Price Schedule for the Luminus Optifix Tariff ⚡
Luminus Optifix Tariff
Fixed/Variable Variable Tariff
Simple Meter (Single Rate)
Annual Subscription (€/Year) -
Cost of Energy (€ cent / kWh) -
Dual Rate Meter
Annual Subscription (€/Year) -
Cost of Energy (€ cent / kWh) Day Rate -
Cost of Energy (€ cent / kWh) Night Rate -
Night Only Meter
Annual Subscription (€/Year) -
Cost of Energy (€ cent / kWh) -

Rates effective as of September 2022

Luminus Ecoflex

In case you prefer 100% green electricity and natural gas at good prices, Luminus Ecoflex is your best option. You will benefit from variable prices for 2 years.

Electricity Price Schedule for the Luminus Ecoflex Tariff ⚡
Luminus Ecoflex Tariff
Fixed/Variable Variable Tariff
Simple Meter (Single Rate)
Annual Subscription (€/Year) 68.900000
Cost of Energy (€ cent / kWh) 56.76000
Dual Rate Meter
Annual Subscription (€/Year) 68.90
Cost of Energy (€ cent / kWh) Day Rate 60.85000
Cost of Energy (€ cent / kWh) Night Rate 52.80000
Night Only Meter
Annual Subscription (€/Year) -
Cost of Energy (€ cent / kWh) 52.8000

Rates effective as of September 2022

Tariff Switch

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Luminus’ Online Only Tariffs

Luminus has Online Only tariffs such as Luminus Basic, Essential, and Click.

Their customer service is only available via the internet.

  1. Luminus Basic and Essential: These tariffs are variable for both gas and electricity
  2. Luminus Click: this tariff is a one year fixed price tariff for both gas and electricity

Social Tariffs with Luminus If you are eligible, Luminus also provides social tariffs.

Your Energy Bills with Luminus

luminus bills

In order to understand your energy bill, Luminus has provided an example on its website with explanations of all the items on your bill.

In general, your supplier sends you your invoices by post and you can choose the frequency of your payments (monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly) as well as the amount you pay based on an estimate of your consumption.

At the end of the year, you will receive your year end invoice. It is based on a meter reading taken by a technician appointed by your distribution network operator (GRD). The year end bill will be adjusted based on the actual meter reading compared to the estimated amounts previously billed.

Therefore, if you have paid too much during the year, Luminus will reimburse you the difference, and vice versa.

If you prefer to receive your invoices digitally, you can request that in your My Luminus customer area.

If you have subscribed to one of the online only tariffs, your invoices will be automatically sent to your customer area, and you will not be able to receive them in hard copy.

How do Customers Review their Experience with Luminus?

customer reviews Luminus

With all the choices of tariffs and suppliers available on the market in Belgium, it is not easy to choose a provider. That is why it is interesting to compare customer reviews.

Overall, reviews of Luminus are quite positive. Indeed, customers appreciate the diversity and number of tariffs offered. In addition, according to a study by VREG, the energy regulator in Flanders, Luminus’ customer service is well rated, with only one complaint for every 5,000 customers. They also have a quick response time, with issues being responded to withing two working days.