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  • Photo Antoine

    Antoine Boquien

    Webmarketing & Content Officer

    Antoine specializes in insurance at CallMePower. He helps you to make the best choice in order to subscribe to the best health, car, and housing insurances. Be properly covered in all circumstances.

  • Foto Antoine

    Antoine Destrument

    Webmarketing & Content Officer

    Antoine is CallMePower's telecom expert. He informs and helps you to compare the offers of the providers so that you can choose the cheapest plan according to your needs.

  • Photo Elodie

    Elodie Gouty

    Webmarketing & Content Officer

    Elodie is CallMePower's moving expert. She guides you through the different steps so that you can move stress-free! She helps you transfer your energy, telecom and insurance contracts, understand legal texts and provides free templates.

  • Photo Maaike

    Maaike Zahn

    Webmarketing & Content Officer

    Maaike is a telecom expert who is dedicated to helping you find the right telecom subscription. She is happy to help you find answers to all your questions about internet, TV and telephony and to compare all telecom plans in Belgium.

  • Foto Manon

    Manon Kool

    Webmarketing & Content Officer

    Manon is an energy expert. She offers you informative articles and comparisons to help you decipher the offers of energy suppliers active on the Belgian market. Her goal? That you save money by choosing the best plan based on your needs.

  • Photo Océane

    Océane Ubaghs

    Webmarketing & Content Deputy Manager

    Océane has 3 years of experience in the personal finance sector and has specialized in comparing telecom and energy subscriptions since 2020. She helps you compare the different offers on the market, so that you can save on your bills.

  • Foto Romy

    Romy Verlangen

    Webmarketing & Content Officer

    Romy follows all developments in the field of Belgian insurances. Because she clearly lists all collected insights for you, making a choice or finding information becomes a lot easier.

  • Photo Sebastian

    Sebastian Matthijsen

    Webmarketing & Content Officer

    Sebastian is the energy expert for the Dutch part of the CallMePower website. He is responsible for all information related to electricity, natural gas and heating oil.

  • Foto Yaël

    Yaël de Keijzer

    Webmarketing & Content Officer

    Yaël is CallMePower's moving expert. By making targeted information about energy, telecom and water contracts transparent, she helps you take the right steps in the moving process.