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Essent Belgium : Contact, My Essent, Price List, and Customer Reviews

Essent became a brand of Luminus Essent no longer exists and all contracts are managed by Luminus.

Part of the international sustainable energy group Innogy, Essent is a major player in the European energy market. Essent.be is the Belgian division of Essent and is one of the five main energy suppliers in Flanders and Wallonia, and delivers electricity and natural gas to households and businesses. In this article, you will learn about: My Essent customer area, their contact information, their tariffs and prices, as well as customer reviews.

Who is the Energy Supplier Essent?

A company founded in 1999, Essent was created following a merger of two energy companies in the Netherlands. Since 2016, Essent has belonged to the international group Innogy.

The supplier is known today as one of the largest suppliers in the Netherlands. Following the liberalization of the energy market in Belgium, the supplier has positioned itself in Wallonia and Flanders under the name Essent Belgium. They also supply energy in Brussels, but only to commercial customers.

The company now has 300 employees and 550,000 customers. With its various electricity and natural gas tariffs, Essent customers can choose the package that exactly suits their needs.

For example, Essent offers a plan where customers can pay one year in advance, a unique offer than what we can find with other energy companies.

My Essent: Essent’s Online Customer Area

Mon Essent My Essent

Essent offers its customers the possibility of self-managing several services directly in the personalised customer area: My Essent.be

The customer area allows you to:

  1. Review your invoices
  2. Modify your personal information
  3. Modify the amount of your monthly payment
  4. Change your payment method (bank transfer, direct debit, etc.)
  5. Report a home move

To create your My Essent account, you will need to have your customer number, which you can find on an invoice, as well as your control code, which is the last 5 digits of your EAN code. Then enter your email address and confirm your account.

What is an EAN Code? The EAN code is the code which identifies your meter. It is a series of 18 digits which begin with 54 in Belgium. You can normally find it on your energy bills.

How do I Contact Essent?

You can contact Essent’s client service by phone, Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm, on the following phone numbers:

Essent Customer Service Numbers
Reason for contacting Telephone number
Not yet a client? 📞 02 302 20 00
Already a client? 📞 078 15 79 79

You also have the possibility to contact Essent via their online contact form. The supplier promises to respond within three business days. This form allows you to ask all your questions and / or file a complaint.

Essent is one of the few energy suppliers to receive customers in its offices which are open Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm at the following address:

Veldkant 7
2550 Kontich

Before contacting Essent, do not hesitate to contact their frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages, the answer to your questions might be there.

The provider also has social media pages, you can find essent on:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Instagram

What are Essent’s Tariffs on Offer?

Essent Tariffs

Essent customers can choose from tariffs that offer variable or fixed prices for energy. You will find below the different packages.

The Essent Fixed + tado° Tariff

Essent’s fixed offer (Fixe + tado°) can have a length of 1 or 3 years, depending on your preferences. The tariff’s fixed price allows you to know your costs ahead of time, avoiding the market’s price volatility. The energy supplied is 100% green, meaning that the electricity comes from renewable sources and the gas is carbon neutral.

You will be able to contact customer service either by phone or online. You also have the option between receiving your invoices by email or by regular post.

This tariff has the benefit of having the night, off-peak, rate all the time even if you have a single tariff meter.

And finally, this tariff comes with a tado° thermostat, with free installation. The tado° thermostat is a smart thermostat to regulate and control your heating and AC systems. It is said to help you economize up to 31% of your heating costs.

The Essent Variable Tariff

The unit prices in this tariff change every three months and adapt to the fluctuations of the price of energy in the market. It is a green electricity tariff, meaning you will have electricity from renewable sources. Just like the fixed tariff, customer service is available online or by phone. You will also have the choice of how you receive your invoices.

The Essent Online Tariff

The Online tariff is for those who prefer to manage their contracts online. You can subscribe to this offer directly online on the essent website. However, you will only be entitled to online customer service.

This is a variable rate tariff, meaning that the prices will change according to the fluctuations of market prices, and additionally this is not a green energy tariff.

Finally, with this tariff, you will receive your invoices by email only and payments are by direct debit.

The Essent Solar Tariff

The Solar Tariff , Fixe Solar, is a 3 year fixed price tariff that takes into account that you have solar panels for reduced energy costs. You get full customer support, both online and by phone, and billing by email or post. This tariff also includes carbon neutral gas, so all your energy will be green. When switching to Essent's solar tariff, the switch would normally take place after your next meter reading.

Would you like advice on subscribing to an electricity/gas tariff?

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Would you like advice on subscribing to an electricity/gas tariff?

Let our English- or Spanish-speaking energy advisors call you back for assistance in comparing the providers, finding the best tariff for you and taking out a new contract!

Essent's Customer Reviews

To understand what customers thought of Essent, we analysed the customer reviews available online about the provider. In this way we were able to gather the following main customer opinions:

Essent Customer Reviews
Pros Cons
  • Essent’s prices are considered competitive compared to other energy suppliers.
  • Their telephone customer service satisfies clients who feel that the advisors answer their questions effectively.
  • Billing problems are frequently mentioned, e.g. too high monthly bill, poor administrative management, unjustified invoicing, etc.).
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