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Watz : A Belgian Energy Supplier


Watz is a young Belgian energy supplier which supplies natural gas and green electricity in Flanders and Wallonia. At Watz, they prioritize transparency and clarity over discounts and promotions, so customers have only one variable price plan to choose from, covering gas, electricity, or both.

Watz in a Few Words

Watz is a small Belgian energy supplier with more than 20,000 customers in Flanders and Wallonia today.

Watz does not produce natural gas or electricity, the supplier buys the energy sold on international markets. To assure its customers that the electricity is produced in Belgium and comes from renewable sources, Watz also purchases certificates of origin. In this regard, Greenpeace believes that "the purchase of guarantees of origin has only limited ecological added value" in the sense that Watz does not invest directly in the production of renewable energy. For this reason, the supplier receives a score of 7/20 in the latest Greenpeace report on the environmental footprint of electricity suppliers in Belgium.

Simplicity combined with competitive prices is the hallmark of the energy supplier Watz. Indeed, it only offers a small number of formulas for the supply of energy and offers the same services and options to all its customers.

Watz Tariffs and Prices

Watz offers a single variable-price tariff for natural gas and electricity. Both include the same services, details of which you will find below, as well as the rates applied for each.

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Watz Supply and Price of Natural Gas

Watz offers a single tariff for natural gas. This is a variable rate contract adjusted every 3 months based on the TTF103 index. Your Watz natural gas contract includes customer service accessible by telephone, the choice of payment by bank transfer or direct debit and the receipt of your invoices by post or email. You will find, below, the price of the annual subscription as well as the current tariff per kWh of natural gas.

Natural gas prices at Watz
Annual Subscription (€ / year) -
Price per kWh (c€ / kWh) -

Rates effective as of June 2022

If you heat your home with gas, be aware of price fluctuations to avoid unpleasant surprises when you receive your annual bill.

Watz Electricity Tariff and Prices

Watz has only one variable tariff plan for electricity.. As for natural gas, an electricity contract with Watz includes customer service available by telephone, the free selection of payment method (bank transfer or direct debit) as well as the choice of how to receive your invoices (by mail or electronic means). Below, you will find the price of the annual fee as well as the current price per kWh (including peak and off peak rates) of each of the two electricity offers offered by Watz.

Electricity Variable Rate Tariff ⚡
Annual Subscription (€/year) -
Simple Meter (Single Tariff)
Price Per kWh -
Dual Rate Meter (Day/Night Tariff)
Peak Rate Price Per kWh -
Off-Peak Rate Price per kWh -
Exclusively Night Meter
Off-Peak Rate Price per kWh -

Rates effective as of June 2022

Watz Customer Reviews

Since Watz has been operating in the energy market, consumers have shared their experience with their supplier on several social networks, websites and online forums, such as Test-Achats and SeniorenNet. A representative selection was made on the basis of recurring comments made by their customers. We have categorized them by positive and negative reviews giving an indication of how often certain comments were mentioned.

Theme Positive Review Recurrences
Client Service The most recurring positive reviews are those relating to Watz customer service. Customers feel that they are quickly helped by employees who are deemed to be friendly and efficient. +++
Clarity of Communication Many consumers find that, unlike invoices from some other suppliers, Watz invoices are easy to understand. ++

By collecting customer experiences, we noted that Watz has many satisfied customers. The number of positive reactions and comments for Watz is large compared to the negative reviews. In this regard, Watz obtained a perfect score (0.0) in the complaints indicator of the annual report of the Flemish energy regulator, Vreg.

Theme Negative Review Recurrences
No Fixed Gas Tariff Some customers regret that Watz does not offer fixed gas prices. ++
Lack of Customer Loyalty Scheme Consumers report that other suppliers reward loyal customers and regret that Watz does not. +

Although some negative reviews related to the lack of tariff options offered, this point is not a reason to change suppliers. On the contrary, Watz energie offers a limited number of gas (one) and electricity (two) offers, which makes it easier for customers to read their price lists / invoices.

Watz Contact

Watz customer service can be reached by phone Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm at the following number 📞 02 321 00 50. You can also write to your supplier at the following email address: allo@watz.be.

Want to become a Watz customer ? Contracting with Watz for your energy supply can be done by telephone. This is the same customer service number listed above.

You also have the option of writing to the energy supplier. The address of Watz's head office is as follows:

Watz bvba
Laarstraat 86 bus 002
2600 Berchem

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